Granholms Grönsaker

Responsibly grown vegetables from Ostrobothnia

Granholms Grönsaker Ab is a family business with over 20 years of experience in vegetable growing, located in Petsmo, Finland. In addition to growing our own vegetables, we also sell iceberg lettuce, carrot, potato, beetroot, turnip and parsnip. We split and plasticize all vegetables as required. We drill white and red cabbage for industry. We grow on 40 hectares of land for ourselves and sell also from 100 hectares from other growers.


We grow vegetables responsibly, both for industry, commercial kitchens and stores.

About us

We are Tony and Rebecca Granholm and we are entrepreneurs in the cultivation industry.


We use ReCrew’s staff to provide us with competent employees.

Why shop from us?

There are several reasons why Granholms Grönsaker is a healthy, environmentally friendly and safe choice for you as a customer!

High quality vegetables

Nutritious & Healthy

Competitive prices

Locally Grown in Ostrobothnia

Over 15 years of experience

Fast deliveries

Newly built & modern facilities

Audited & IP certified

We co-operate with: